“A sense of eternity is something essential to being human.”

– Faye Hofmann


South African born artist, Faye Hofmann works from her home in the foothills of the Alps. She can't help but be inspired by the grand beauty and reassuring presence of the landscape. They convey unchanging strength and serenity, a promise of consistency and calm - a striking contrast to the very volatile and changeable world that we live in.


Faye recreates the classic landscape in a way that is both accessible and modern. She leans on the timeless principles of carefully crafted composition and colour, while experimenting with bold application of paint. She uses top-quality heavy body acrylic paint to create textured brushstrokes and expressive colour that speaks to the senses.


2022 Solo Exhibition Unterägeri, Zug

2023 Art Basel, Basel

2023 Swiss Art Expo, Zürich


2023 Winner of Swiss Art Expo Sponsorship

Coming Event

Swiss Art Expo

Save the date! I have the priviledge of being selected to show as a sponsored artist at the Swiss Art Expo 6.-10. Sep.

What I love about this particular expo is that it is open to the public and takes place in Zurich main station, making art accessible to all! See you there!